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Sabores del Norte

Our story

Welcome to our restaurant, where authentic Basque cuisine comes to life under new management since December. We invite you to explore our menu, now under renewed direction, as we celebrate the rich culinary tradition of the Basque Country. Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience where quality and flavor are our priority.

Bacalao Specialists

Bacalao in Pil Pil Sauce

Discover the authentic taste of the Basque Country with our Bacalao al Pil Pil. Delicately cooked in a silky sauce of olive oil and garlic, each bite is a unique and unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in Basque tradition with this emblematic dish.

Cod Basque-style

Enjoy the essence of Basque cuisine with our Bacalao a la Bizkaina. This traditional dish combines the exquisite flavor of cod with a Basque sauce made of tomato, pepper, and onion, creating an explosion of authentic flavors. Let yourself be seduced by this culinary delight that captures the very essence of the Bizkaia region.


The Urbieta Menu

Tuna Belly and Anchovies Vinaigrette
Potatoes with three sauces
Fried squid
Olivier Salad
Basque cheese platter
Seafood Medley

The Urbieta's Casseroles

Hake in Green Sauce with Clams
Stewed Oxtail in Red Wine Sauce
Juicy strips of sirloin steak with French fries
Baby Squid in Their Ink
Baby Squid in Their Ink

We are here to lighten up your evening

Great food for the whole family

Some of the best memories revolve around good food and family – that's why we welcome all of your loved ones, including children. We have dedicated family seating section towards the back of the restaurant.

All of our waiters have worked in our kitchen, meaning that they know the menu inside out and can help you, whether you need to check for allergens or need a hand for picking the right kind of wine.

We welcome your animal friends

Our restaurant is pet-friendly, meaning that you can bring your furry friends with you. We ask for calm and collected behavior from all of our animal customers.

Reserva una mesa

Reserving a table beforehand means less waiting. Groups of 8 or more must reserve ahead of time.